Top 7 Best Scenic Walks in Sydney

Top 7 Best Scenic Walks in Sydney pokebros

Don’t know what to do this weekend or looking for a new activity for during the week? Going on a walking track is one activity that will keep you active and healthy and let you bask in the beautiful surroundings of Sydney.

Adorned in spectacular harbour and coastal views, Sydney is the perfect place to take a relaxing stroll and unwind under the luminous skies on the glistening beaches. Whether you’re in search of a walk alongside the sun-filled coast, rejuvenating bushland or just want a closer glimpse of the city; Sydney has all the finest to explore!

We’ve compiled a must-do list of the best walks in Sydney for you.

Circular Quay to Royal Botanic Gardens

Start your scenic trek at the beloved Circular Quay, making your way through the iconic scenery towards the evergreen beauty of the Botanic Gardens. On your venture from one point to another, you will not be short of sights to see! You can stop to see Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. After admiring the impressive city views, delve into the beautiful floral aesthetics of the Botanic Gardens. This Sydney walk is undeniably filled with rewarding views.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Average 4.5km  the route is entirely up to you.
Time: Average 1.5 Hours No Breaks
Tips: Check out Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair for the absolute best views.


Image Source: Wiki – PRAJWAL

Hermitage Foreshore Track

Hermitage Foreshore offers an uncomplicated walk with some phenomenal views! This walking trail will guarantee you with an incredible outlook onto Sydney’s picturesque landscapes. Get the perfect shot of the Harbour Bridge from your walk that’ll get everyone smashing the like button. This is a fantastic outdoor activity to do with the whole family or friends as the track is secured and safe for all and one of the best walks in Sydney where you can also swim.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Average 3.8km return.
Time: Average 1 Hour No Breaks
Tips: Great beaches and bays along the walk – bring swimwear for an ultimate day!


Image Source: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is the ideal bushwalking wonderland! As Australia’s oldest national park, your walking journey will be complete with historical and natural landscapes to appreciate. It’s a charmingly raw and pure paradise where visitors can immerse themselves into the surrounding bushland. If the entire 26 km coast track sounds a bit burdensome, you are in luck, there are many great entry points for the track and you can turn back at any time. The park also has a campground if you wanted to turn your walk into a camping trip! This national park has many routes to choose from.

Difficulty: Ranges Medium – Hard
Length: Ranges from 4.5 – 27 km
Time: Ranges 30 min – 2 days
Tips: Best to bring a backpack with snacks as there will be no shops nearby.


Bondi Beach to Coogee

Sydney is home to many of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. They’re absolutely perfect for walking alongside with an amazing ocean view. From the iconic Bondi beach, you can make your way towards Coogee passing by views of the best beaches and bays. Not to mention, plenty of cafes, restaurants and parks along the way as well. Your day will never short of opportunities! Bondi to Coogee combines stunning seaside views and trendy places to hang out, perfect for a day with friends, family or some relaxing time on your own.

Difficulty: Easy – Medium
Length: Average 6.5km one way.
Time: Average 2 Hour No Breaks
Tips: Alternatively you could start at Bronte or Clovelly for a shorter walk.

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The Spit to Manly Beach

Continuing on with mentions of the finest beaches to discover the best walks in Sydney, we cannot leave out Manly beach! On your walk from The Spit Bridge to Manly, you will definitely be able to enjoy the sun, sand and sea! Explore the exquisite walking tracks that run alongside Sydney Harbour, with a 10 km hiking trail from The Spit to Manly; the beaches, bushland and bay should not be missed!

Difficulty: Medium
Length: Average 9km one way.
Time: Average 3.5 Hour No Breaks
Tips: Great beaches and bays along the walk – bring swimwear for an ultimate day!

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Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

Barrenjoey is a small peninsula located towards Sydney’s northern beaches. The Lighthouse is unquestionably gifted with a picturesque and admirably profound ocean view. Starting at the glamorous Palm Beach and working your way towards the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, you’ll pass some extraordinary landscapes. If you begin your trek on a cool sunny day, your walk will definitely be rejuvenating and refreshingly rewarding. If you’re lucky enough, in Winter and early Spring you can try whale watching too! We couldn’t leave this out of the best walks in Sydney list.

Difficulty: Easy – Medium
Length: Average 3.3km one way.
Time: Average 1 Hour No Breaks
Tips: Alternatively you could finish at Whale, Avalon, or any beaches along the coast for a longer walk.

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Grand Canyon Walk, Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful walking trails with scenery that will certainly leave you in awe! On the 6km trail, you will pass soothing waterfalls and tranquil creeks that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Being among the abundant and lavish Australian bush itself is such a gratifying experience. The Grand Canyon Walk is a unique trail and has been considered one of the most impressive. You should definitely give it a go!

Difficulty: Medium – hard
Length: Average 6.3km return.
Time: Average 3.5 Hour No Breaks
Tips: Check weather before taking this track – heavy rains prior may flood some parts of the track

Image Source: Wiki – Maurice Van Creij

~ Sydney Walk Tips ~

Sydney is abundant in incredible coastal, harbour-side and bush walks. There are endless routes to choose from in order to discover the bustling city. Though don’t forget these essentials:

  • Sunscreen – Slip Slop Slap
  • Hat / Cap
  • Water – Stay Hydrated
  • Phone and/or Headphones
  • Good athletic walking shoes and even socks
  • Activewear (Performance apparel does wonders keeping you cool and looking fab!)
  • Windbreaker if wet weather
  • Sunglasses ideally with polarised lenses
  • Snacks for long walks or hikes
  • And if you’re going into the bush, let someone know and bring along a map.
  • Have a meal before you go for energy and after to replenish energy. Grab a poke bowl 😉
  • It is always good to plan ahead your route. Happy walking!